Music to your ears and eyes

When it comes to dry hire we have turned up the volume. We offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of equipment you will see anywhere and backed up by our extensive knowledge of application.

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  • Audio Equipment
  • Mixers/EQ
  •  Per DayPer Week6 Channel Analogue Mixer£30.00£90.0012 Channel Analogue Mixer£45.00£135.0016 Channel Analogue Mixer£75.00£225.0016 Channel Digital Mixer£125.00£375.0032 Channel Digital Mixer£150.00£450.008 Channel Analogue Auto-Mixer£200.00£600.0030 Band Dual Channel Equalizer£75.00£225.00

  • Microphones
  •  Per DayPer WeekHand Held Radio Microphone£45.00£135.00Lapel Radio Microphone£45.00£135.00Hand Held Wired Microphone£8.00£24.00Push to Talk Microphone£12.00£36.00Lectern Microphone Kit (pair)£40.00£120.00PZM/Boundary Microphone£10.00£30.00Specialist Microphones from£15.00£45.00

  • Sound Source/Recording/Playback
  •  Per DayPer WeekDigital Audio Recorder – MP3 Format£20.00£60.00Digital Audio Recording Kit Inc CD Burn
    (up to 10 People Boardroom)
    £110.00£330.00MP3 Player£15.00£45.00CD Player£20.00£60.00

  • LCD Projectors
  •  Per DayPer WeekLCD Data Projector XGA (2000 Lumens)£75.00£225.00LCD Data Projector XGA (4700 Lumens)£200.00£600.00LCD Data Projector XGA (6500 Lumens)£450.00£1,350.00

  • Fastfold Screens/Drape Kits
  •  Per DayPer Week6’ x 4’ Fastfold£40.00£120.008’ x 6’ Fastfold£45.00£135.0010’ x 7.5’ Fastfold£55.00£165.0012’ x 9’ Fastfold£65.00£195.0014’ x 10’ Fastfold£95.00£285.00Drape Kits from£45.00£135.00

  • Tripod/Pull-Up Screens
  •  Per DayPer Week5’ Tripod Screen£6.00£18.006’ Tripod Screen£8.00£24.006’ Pull Up Screen£30.00£90.00

  • TFT/Plasma Screens
  •  Per DayPer Week46” Plasma Screen (inc Stand)£120.00£360.0050” Plasma Screen (inc Stand)£160.00£480.0065” Plasma Screen (inc Stand)£300.00£900.0019” LCD Screen£20.00£60.00Plasma Stand (on Wheels)£10.00£30.00

  • Laptops/Presentation Aids
  • Show Equipment
  • Staging/Lecterns
  • Lighting
  • Printers/Faxes/Shredder
  • Voting Pads
  •  Per DayPer WeekVoting Pad System Controller (inc Laptop)£150.00£450.00Voting Pads (each)£5.00£15.00

  • Webcasting
  •  Per DayPer WeekVarious types of Webcasting, please enquirePOAPOA

  • Audio/Video Conferencing
  •  Per DayPer WeekVideo Conference Kit from£280.00£840.00Conference Phone£75.00£225.00

  • Simultaneous Translation
  •  Per DayPer WeekSimultaneous Translation servicesPOAPOA

  • Flipcharts
  •  Per DayPer WeekFlipchart/Pads/Pens£18.00£54.00

  • Technical Support/Transport
  •  RateDay RateAV Technician. Minimum 3 hrsPer hour from£30.00£300.00Delivery/Collection/Installation Inside M25Each way£25.00Delivery/Collection/Installation Inside M25 (after 6pm)Each way£35.00Delivery/Collection/Installation Outside M25Each wayPOALate Night Travel for Technicians (after 11:30pm)Per hour£45.00


This is only a selection of our equipment, please call if your required item is not listed.